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Herald / Vitesse column stalk replacement ends?

Colin Lindsay

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I removed one from a broken stalk, softened the glue in boiling water. It came off easily, but went from black to grey in the water... I can repaint it but it would be nice to find a supply. 

I have replacement ends for Minis somewhere about, they make the stalks longer plus have better grips, but they don't match the Herald ones.

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On 16/04/2020 at 09:22, Works Spitfires said:

We have a bag full of new ones somewhere. I have always put a couple of new ones on every car we restore, nice finishing touch. Pop us an email if you still need.

I will; thanks! It's just one of those things that niggles at me, that I have a drawer full of stalks, some even new and never fitted, but the ends are discoloured or broken.

Lockdown is certainly making work for idle hands.... :)


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