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1978 Spitfire 1500 Upper Steering Column Sideways Movment.

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Full Spit 1500 rebuild. Built all the steering as best I can. Installed the steering column and there is very little play on the steering wheel which I am pleased about. But I do have sideways movement in the upper steering column brackets - the two piece, upper/lower blocks that fit around the column tube. The movement is not in the steering column upper/lower inner bushes. I replaced these, although as expected the aftermarket replacement bushes where absolutely appalling quality. How long they will last I do not know, I only just managed to stop them falling apart when installing them.

The upper support bracket on the column definitely does not grip the column tube, I can see and feel it is loose. If I stick a very small screwdriver blade in there, the play is taken up, movement gone. I did not take the column out and I wonder is there something missing that I cannot see in the parts manuals, some sort of collar, or sleeving? 

Anybody come across this issue before please or have any ideas? Much appreciated.



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AHA! I do have that clip. But when I look at the parts list of all the major vendors that clip IS NOT shown on the late 1500, only on the earlier versions, as shown in your diagram above. As I have the later type column with the box type covers over the column switches, I assumed that clip was only on the earlier columns and that is why it is not shown, oddly, on the late versions. I had dug out that clip from the box of non fitted, left over items that inevitably builds up. As I had previously fitted the clamp to the column it looked obvious to me that the clip is the wrong shape to fit the outward profile of the clamp centre hole. However, with your usual excellent expert knowledge I duly took the clamp off again and was flabbergasted to find the clamp has a recess to take the clip! Clip duly fitted and column now rock solid.

It still peeves me that all late 1500 parts diagrams and also the official 1500 Repairs Operation Manual only show the clip on the early version of the steering column!

However, job done and I can stop thinking the world is conspiring against me. Sanity saved by the usual good advice from Colin Lindsay. Surely by now Colin you should be promoted to 6th Dan Triumphero?  Much appreciated.


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The only reason I know is because after the Mk1 GT6 started blowing fuses I stripped down the steering column last week and it didn't have one... which it should have had, so I pinched one from the Herald spares and it stopped the column rotating when I used the indicators... so you posted at exactly the right time!

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I had always got some movement on my top clamp (also a 1978 spit 1500)

2 Months ago i rebuild the steering and found a clip in there.

But found it wasnt gripping enough.

So i put some rubber seal between the clamp and the column, got it tight and now no play at all. 


Will have a look if i got pictures somewhere..

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