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Herald Brake and fuel pipe routes


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The bit I'm scratching my head with is the route from the main chassis rail to the three way connector ( see pic ) as it has to get around the structure that the damper attaches to. Does it just bend around the outside edge under the drive shaft?



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I have the fuel pipe to bend next; on the estate it turns at a right angle over the outrigger but then I think it drops down parallel with the lower lip on the crossmember; there's a clip that secures it to the metal edge. I'll have to bend that one on the car and 1/4 inch kunifer is not very forgiving! I had intended to remove the rear tub beforehand but lockdown is causing problems with heavy bits like that in my one-man-band.

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Cheers again Colin. 

Your pipework is a little neater than mine. I thought I was going to replace all my brake lines as they looked very cruddy, it was only when I scraped of the nasty underseal the rest of the car was covered in that I found they were in fact copper and in perfect nick just not routed nicely.

thanks again.

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