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Herald rear tub/chassis mounting


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Hello again, chaps.

I'm pretty much at the point of putting the rear tub back on!

I really have no clue of the best way to do it, I wondered if there was a guide out there of if anyone had any nuggets of wisdom? I've done some research so I've made some hardwood wedges to knock the tub fore/aft.

I have a Canley fitting kit which has rubber pads but I have some old wellies if it's better to make your own from that material.....I'm presuming the pads glue to the chassis 1st? and then spacer on top, I've saved all my old spacers if I need too pack out and I have a selection of washers.

As I said any guidance would be most welcome!


Thank, Tom.


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I have two motorbikes in the garage with my Vitesse but how many do you have?
Is that another two under the covers.

Back to your question, I solid mounted mine so we shall see how it all is once I get it back on the road.
Pads needed to be a lot firmer than the ones I got with a kit so I decided to delete all rubber between the body and chassis apart from the strip at the front of the tub
My best advice is do it slowly, don't rush and drink tea. Be prepared to redo packers as the body pulls down and drink more tea.
I put plumbers grease tape on the u brackets by the rear of the transmission tunnel.
And be careful not to strip threads in the chassis, I had to helicoil one of the diff hump ones and one of the rear outriggers.

Is your a Vitesse or Herald Convertible?


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I have too much stuff in the garage, I spend as much time rolling motorcycles around as I do working on the car!!🙂 I have a pretty big double garage but it's unbelievable how much space a Herald ( It's a Herald convertible by the way )takes up when it's in 2 pieces!!

As far as bikes go I have a 1978 Triumph Tiger 750 which is essentially a T140 Bonneville with a single carb ( and all the better for it!! ), in the pic are 2 80's CZ350 twins, the 472,6 to be exact, a much maligned bike but really very good when set up correctly and used within the parameters of it's design, I have covered many many thousands of miles on the one on the left in the pics and it has never left me stranded. Underneath the pink cover is a mid 90's Triumph Trident 900, a fabulous bike but I never use it so I intend to sell it and under the orange cover is a my mates Honda NS400R, he asked me to look after it for a few months when he moved to Paris....that was 6yrs ago!!!!! and up in the loft is my 1976 Honda CB200 which I bought when I was 16yrs old, the engine is  on the bench as some of you have noticed, once the Herald is back together that is my next project!!!!

Back to the Herald, yes the U brackets do they just rest on the chassis with the plumbers tape between?

I can see just getting the tub mounted being at least a 35 cuppa!!!!

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Glue the rubber mounts to the chassis first; the manual says 'mastic' but we've moved on forty years or so...

Only use spacers where you need to, it's not a case of one pad and one spacer per bolt so see how the pads go first. I bought mine off Chic Doig, the canvas reinforced versions that shouldn't compress too much.

What way did you end up finishing the underside? Looks excellent from here!

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Yes Colin I think I'll try to source some canvas ones the rubber don't appear to be very popular on this forum!!!

The underside probably looks a little better in the pics than real life but I'm happy with it. It really was just a case of elbow grease really.....I had nothing else to do as I'm off work!! I did all the welding repairs and then spent the best part of 2 days with a window scraper ( many blades!!! ) and an old chisel removing all the old underseal/waxoyl . I then wiped it all down with R5 solvent from Dacrylate, this seemed to dissolve what was left of the underseal, then I spent a day with a set of various wire brush shapes and sizes on the electric drill and finally I went over it again with the solvent. I then put a coat of Dacrylate zinc rich primer on ( Brushed ) and then two coats of Frost Satin finish chassis black. It's dried off a bit more now and probably has more of an understated satin finish since I took the pic.

It's not show standard but it's all solid now and tidy enough for me!!!

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