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66 vitesse straight 6 starting problem

Mark Seniac

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Hi everyone 

got a problem my vitesse won‚Äôt start fuel seems to be ¬†going through ok.¬†acu spark leads Are new and electronic ignition fitted.¬†Just turns over not firing up ... as Boris has let us out is anyone nearby that could have¬†a look and advise ??!!??¬†Swadlincote... will pay ...ūüė≥ mark¬†

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Analyse, analyse, analyse!

Presume it was previously working?    That you have new leads and electronic ignition points straight away to the most likely cause of malfunction - the last thing you did!    Correct orientation and order of plug leads?    Do you have a spark at the plugs? 


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and fitting a leccy unit you must recheck the timing , the guts are a straight swap but just what is where is often very different and timing can be miles out 

get no1 on its compression stroke , ( stick thimb over plug hole turn to get air pushed out  turn on the TDC look at where the rotor is pointing thats no 1 Ht lead followed anticlockwise

153624 around the dizzy cap 



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