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  1. Hi Pete don’t know what ct is ? And there’s more to “scrappy” comment than just that and I was generalising his comment I don’t take sides... you say you were a moderator would you have stood for a comment made when talking to someone about your departed father and his collection of cars as “childish prattle” I don’t think so ! And as a note I did notice you mentioned last time there was an outburst about answering posts I didn’t realise you had too quote the reply once I knew this then as you’ll see I know and have done for a while quote via the reply quote button... lol that sounds confusing but I think you know what I mean .... anyway football ? What’s the problem. National game as is cricket rugby motor racing etc etc .... people don’t like bold print ? It’s not shouting it’s highlighting a word.... now as an ex moderator you know as well as me I’ve been respectful and forthcoming on all areas of the forum .. I’ve seen you liking things that are derogatory too me but then you answer my posts as if butter wouldn’t melt and yet I still respectfully reply too you. with that all said I feel I’ve got too know your input on this forum and you are well respected any question asked your the first too reply with in-depth knowledge you sir are a credit too this forum and I do wish you well .... As for a couple of others well what can I say even with the intervention of the club’s moderators who had a great response too the last fall out all I can say is boo hoo and they should remember the club is bigger and better than any member past or even present. with the upmost respect Mark
  2. Oh dear here we go again ... firstly I agree with this comment... “Keeping it civil and an element of fun will keep it going.” “But perhaps politics and religion should be banned. Including in the joke section.” secondly I agree too much banter in the early stages was over the top for some of you guys but that’s the world of social media... it’s fast and moving... thirdly I agree the ranking system is weirdly set up ... fourth I agree some people would think 51 was placed/created for content like mine but I never asked for it and my deleted threads/posts were re instated and put in there ? 5 I have had an amazing time on here during the early stages great content and great advice BUT I say too you all there are members who probably look for content just too troll it should it not fit into there box and people like that will slow the progress of this club there’s no way we as a club would survive in the big world of social media if members behaved in the way I’ve experienced here over the past month or two. all my posts and threads and interactions can be scrutinised by the club as they did the last time and I can assure everyone that every interaction has been polite and not solicited in a TROLL manner as has been implied so without further ado I say GOODBYE to this club and the many GOOD people I have met and interacted with and I look forward too a new era where people’s interactions are met without hate nor grievance..... thankyou Mark it’s been emotional........❤️
  3. Afternoon Anglefire I have never driven one but I have heard they handled terrible but they always mentioned they loved the car and how great the styling was/is ...
  4. Interesting thought mjit thanks. I just have this vision of them being more like an operating theatre.. rather than a corner cobwebbed shed or garage space full of past projects and ideas ... a mosh mash of spares and tool boxes .... lol
  5. Morning everyone I need too put my carb and air filter problems too bed. so I’m on the look out for a complete genuine set up for my Vitesse 6 1966 ... I’m reaching out for either a used set up compatible for my car that’s in great condition and can be put straight on barring the obvious tinkering involved.... or pointed in the right direction too obtain a set up I live Derbyshire way and have a caravan based in Lincolnshire so I can travel for the right reasons..... much appreciated Mark.
  6. My eldest goes to USA a lot “well not at the moment” !!! got a funny story about a camero I’ll see if I can find any pics but it is funny in short he HIRED a beast 2018 brand new at the time. giving its LARGE and left hand drive he was driving in LA and a big brown mail truck side swiped him on the freeway then just disappeared.. my son was distraught being over there he didn’t know if he should chase after him (given they like weapons) or what? so he rang the hire company and explained.... he got it sorted but it cost 7k lol .....
  7. Morning Mathew lol £50 wouldn’t buy you much now !!! I was the same £35 £50 was my memories of cost for run arounds .. I did pay £70 quid for a landcrab !!!!! Lol
  8. Morning Pete yes a great car worth a bit now as well 🥴 If there was a car I would go out my way to own again it would be this one not just for its wonderful design and performance but for the memories of it being in truth my first classic and the one car my DAD found great joy with even though he literally took it off me !!l lol . Fond memories bless him .... CAPRI .... loved them !!
  9. 🤔 Walking round a meeting of classics the other week with my eldest son our first since capt pandemic reared its ugly head !!! He was Delighted too be up close with many different styles and makes of classic cars. I did the usual “put you nose in there and smell that” lol that’s what a proper car smells like !!! Then continued too give him stories of “I used too have one like that and that and that and so on ... lol in my early days they weren’t classics they were just cars you bought cheap ran them round for a bit then sold em to your mate !!!! Anyway walking round we eventually came to Modern Classics ? He was round them like a fly round ####. But on our way home he said something very interesting... “Dad all the cars in your day all look different they all have character very touchy-feely the cars we are driving now all look the same all smell plastic all feel metallic... interesting point... SO my question is ..... WHAT would a future Classic car buffs GARAGE look like ? considering that our garages all have the mis-shaped tools, bits of this and bits of that. Things we use too repair OUR classics like rubber tubing odd tubs of screws and washers etc etc... On one of my other threads an interesting point was made regarding future classics “too complicated/expensive to work on” your thoughts ....🤔
  10. Agreed Adrian... I remember my first classic It was a Sunbeam Stiletto F reg bought it on the strap!! I was young thinking back it was in extremely good condition, fast and scary. I didn’t have a licence and I certainly did not have the means too maintain it BUT it was great!!! Unfortunately LOL I warped the engine and My late father took the car on himself bless him I think he secretly adored it. he had the head done also fitted a new wiring loom pulled out the slight dent I had in it (my fault) and Commandeered the car for himself lol.... he kept it for three years I think it was .. we as a family still revert too it as Dads car .. shame I haven’t any pics bronze in colour with a black vinyl roof ... 🥲 lol
  11. Totally agree Adrian modern classics far too complicated..... I often wonder how the future generation and their classics will look like going forward in life (think I’ll start a thead on that) as for the mini I have too agree good fun and can be exhilarating but I think with this one it has put a bitter taste in my mouth BUT lessons learned and all that ....!! It probably has driven more towards a REAL mini classic and I’ll leave the rest and this “mini” too the wife as she does enjoy it ....
  12. In my book any Triumph brought back on the road is a fantastic thing too do keep it going and you’ll have years of fun and enjoyment mark
  13. Correct Pete they insure my car an excellent service provider... BIG THUMBS Up 👍
  14. Hi Colin that’s a point the insurance keeps popping up in comments “is it that expensive for his age ?.... I hope he does his homework on that one... but great idea get the car now and work on it make it a pride and joy project then when it’s read probably he’ll have greater satisfaction.... mark
  15. Afternoon John yea it felt ok for the test drive throwing it round all over the place. I think because i really wanted one that overrode the finer points and blindsided my reasoning.... anyway the wife loves it and that’s probably more important as they say “happy wife happy life” lol Mark
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