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Wires on herald


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Looking to put chrome wire wheels with spin on adaptors on the wife herald convertible. Any recommendations , supplier, how many wires, and size etc. Also Im happy to go second hand for good condition ones

the car is Valentina blue if any one has any pics


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Motor Wheel Services are a long-standing wire wheel specialist, who sell direct but also (I suspect) supply a number of the usual trade outlets:


Size is probably a matter of personal taste. My preference would be to stay at 13" diameter and not to go too wide, so 4.5" x 13" if it was my car.


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Hi Shaun,

I thought I would reply quickly before the flood of 'don't do it' style replies arrive. I have had painted wire wheels on my Spitfire for the last 26 years and I love them. I would recommend buying new. I first bought a set secondhand and quickly found that I needed to replace them with new as it is really difficult to tell how worn the splines are until they are mounted on the car. Fortunately I replaced the splined adaptors at the same time as the wheels because if one is worn it quickly wears out the other.  Contrary to what many say, wire wheels are not difficult to balance or fit inner tubes to tubeless tyres if you manage to find an old school tyre fitter who knows what they are doing. I am very lucky to have the Eastbourne Tyre Company near me who are outstanding. Motor Wheel Services are the manufacturers of new wheels but you can often but them cheaper from TRGB. The chrome ones are very time consuming to keep clean though. Don't be put off!



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