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Thanks to all


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Thanks to all who have assisted me with the work on my car during the past few months.
I used the time our country was in Level 4 lockdown and I was effectively unemployed to work on my Vitesse 6.
Luckily for us the Govt paid people who had jobs on hold $585.80 a week till June 12th, this was for employed and self employed.
So I got paid to rebuild my car. I treated it like a job and initially only did week days for work hours but that started to drift to all days.
When we went to Level 3 it meant I could go back to my Electrician work which was at mates warehouse conversion and that started to interfere with the Vitesse progress. Level 3 had contact tracing and distances to observe but the advantage for me was no one else was on the site.
Now we are on Level 2 and looking at Level 1 next week as our country is on day 16 of no new cases and only one person with symptoms so life is returning somewhat cautiously back to our new normal, borders still closed to non approved people
Now my proper job of being a Film Technician is calling and I 'have' to go back to work tomorrow for a possible 20 weeks.
I am extremely pleased with the work I have managed to get done on the car in the past few months.
Work on the car will only be at weekends for now and it depends how I will feel, work 11-12 hour days minimum. And other things in life get in the way.
Once again thanks for all the help you guys have given me.

Take care out there


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Hello Adrian,

Good to hear that NZ is starting to return to normal, and also that your work situation is so positive. What you said about the progress you've made on your car struck a chord with me, as I'm sure it has with many others on the Forum. The lockdown in the UK has coincided with unusually good weather, and for those of us with a small single garage it made it so much more enjoyable to be able to work on the car out in the sunshine. I personally reckon that I've made at least eighteen months to two years worth of progress on my car in the space of the last three months. All of us have life commitments that reduce the time we can spend on our cars, and which stretch out timescales, so one of the few positives of this current situation has been to drive progress forward quickly, whilst also keeping me occupied and upbeat. It makes you feel a bit guilty when so many others are experiencing the pandemic is such a different way, so I just think myself very lucky.


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