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AC fuel pump refurb

Barry Kemp

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A quick question (well, two actually) about refurb of an original Herald AC fuel pump.

The refurb kit doesn't include the fibre washer that sits under the spring retaining washer of the new diaphragm. It does contain a 'hat-shaped'  rubber washer. Is this a replacement for the original flat washer - or for another type of pump? If it isn't a replacement how critical is the flat washer -should it be replaced?

Also, prior to re-fitting the pump, is there a knack to aligning the curved arm of the pump back  into the block - or is it blindingly obvious !?

Many thanks.



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I'm wondering if the 'catch' of the retaining arm is meant to sit down inside that hat-shaped washer; if you imagine it as a fibre washer with a bit added on it makes sense, so that the flat bottom sits in the same way as the original washer but it's now got a snazzy top-hat shaped bit into which the clip fits? 

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