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Boot lid support bracket


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Good afternoon

Can some one please tell me the open and closed dimensions for the Vitesse/Herald boot lid support bracket
Possible source for these is
https://www.comac.co.nz/lid-stays-support-stays support stay with safety catch.

Section K has what looks like the boot catches for our cars and section N has the glove box latch.





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I nipped out and measured an unfitted one; when closed up, right angled bracket end to right angled bracket end is 358mm.

It extends out fully to 625mm but then drops back to locked position which is exactly 600mm.

The right angled mounting brackets obviously pivot so I set them to exact right angles at either end, both horizontal to a vertical stay.

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Fitted my support from Comac, 1735
Length was a 100mm shorter than your measurements Colin and the boot is nearly vertical.
I had to remove the bottom rivet securing it to the bracket to swap sides and I also cut the bracket down to fit behind the lower support bracket plus give it a wee band to sit at a similar angle to the top one.
Including freight it was NZ$39


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