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GT6 fixing the rear quarter trim


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Hi all

Each of the 2 rear quarter trim on the GT6 requires 'Long Reach' clips to fix it on where it overlaps the rear quarter headlining board i.e the clip has to clip on 2 x 3mm hardboard panels instad of the usual one.

These are no longer available of course.  Has anyone got any or have any innovative ideas please?

Many thanks


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Modern cars use plastic clips of all shapes and sizes; a relative bought me an entire selection box of them many years ago and I still use them in a lot of trimming jobs.

The large headed 'fir tree' clips are good for trim panels; more than once I've glued one to the rear side of a panel then just pressed it into place. There's bound to be a modern equivalent that is more efficient than the original metal versions.



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Thanks Colin. I'll take a look at that.  The original hole in the metal is ofset from the trim panel hole to allow for the design of the original clip - but I could drill a new hole in the metal panel and your idea would work.   Thank you!

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If you look at the first one illustrated - top left - the head is big enough to slide in behind the hole in the trim (if it's the 'keyhole' shape I'm thinking of) and sturdy enough hold the trim, but it's also shaped to press into the hole in the metal and grip it by degrees, so you can press it in as far as you need to. That's the 'fir tree' design and available in a whole range of sizes. I've done that before with Triumph trims. 

On my own GT6 I have rear speakers in the side trims so was able to use a countersunk bolt and penny washer in behind the trim, then reach up behind the metal and fix a butterfly nut onto it. I was only able to reach two of the holes in the metal, due to thick arms and large hands... but it's held in place very securely which it needs due to the weight of the speakers.




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