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Omnibob Bubble Fibreglass Hardtop for Herald/Vitesse


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I have recently acquired a fibreglass hard for my herald convertible.

I think that it is an Omnibob Bubble.  Omnibob Ltd were originally based in Lancashire.

It has a panoramic perspex roof and curved rear window.  I have not seen one like this for a herald and I have looked at many many images on the web.  There is only one for a spitfire.

The rear window is heat damaged and requires replacement.  Initial quote is £300+

I have tried locating the company but it seems they went out of business in 2011...if not earlier.

A similar top, with what appears to be an identical rear window, was made for MG's but reviewing the MG/BGT forum hasn't produced any hint of a live supplier.

Has anyone any ideas of a supplier or whom I may approach to get a replacement made.

I am based in Leeds.


Many thanks for your help in this matter.


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I doubt you will find a supplier at all.

You could try making one yourself using acrylic sheet (perspex) and shaping it using a heatgun. It may require a jig being made, but at least you have the old one to get the correct shape.

Apart from that a plastics company should be able to help, but it obviously will not be cheap.

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A picture, please!


The usual hardtops for Vitesse/Herald make it very dark inside, with poor rear/side vision, which is one reason I returned SofS back to saloon.


Amicale Spitfire has one of the best galleries of hardtops : http://www.amicalespitfire.fr/hardtop1.php  but only Spitfire/GT6.

Is yours like the Bermuda top, near the bottom of the page?



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