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Throttle cable 'stop'


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The bar that holds the carb. end of the cable nipple is a touch "loose" and I cannot tighten the nut attaching it to the bottom of the exhaust manifold. 

Should I try harder or is there some trick to this operation?

Otherwise the car (now christened Plumb) is coming on well.

Had withdrawal symptoms yesterday when site down :(

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16 is the bar but it is bolted horizontally to the center  of the manifold. (all alone I think)  Not to worry, I was going to have a day off today but think I'll get my overalls on and have a better look at it (wife moans about grease on my jeans and jumpers... I don't know... wimin!!). The rear end is up on ramps now, I'm going to clean up all the drive shaft attachment bolts ready for removal and UJ replacement!


Edited to say, Had a closer look and of course it bolts the exhaust manifold to the inlet manifold. I wonder if, even though it is very tight, it is actually slack as the bar can rotate, could there be an air leak ther!!!?

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