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1966 Vitesse Mk1 1600 - Ignition Coil & HT Leads

martyn wright

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Hi Again!  Thanks for the info on Electronic Ignition!  I have decided to change the Ignition Coil & HT Leads due to the car being laid up since 1998? with new!  If I go down the Standard route, Canley state GCL110 for the coil but others state different codes? Would Lucas DLB105 work? Any ideas please?


Cheers Martyn

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28 minutes ago, martyn wright said:

Would Lucas DLB105 work?

If you are going the EI route you will need a sports coil and the Lucas DLB105 is an ideal coil as it gives increased output.

I have used one on my Vitesse for the last 10x years with EI with no issues and I also have one fitted to the Daimler - same situation.

I also understand Bosch coils are very good, but I've not used one - hence no comment.

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