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Wheels as originally supplied Herald 1200 Saloon


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Here I go again . . . !!

Does anyone know, when they rolled off the production line, the Herald 1200 had tubed tyres??

I have always used 145 X 13’s on the wheels, whilst I remember someone saying I could get away with 155 x 13 on the same wheels, to attract that extra grip!!!

I’m having my wheels shot-blasted and then powder coated. The tyre removers mentioned one of my wheels was with inner tube.

For me, this was quite normal as back in the day, if the tyre had been pierced by nail or stone but the tyre still had plenty of tread left on it, they’d just tube it.

And the tubed tyre was the spare anyway . . .

Pics of the wheels, unshod, attached.



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No idea if they came off the line with tubes or not. However, the vast majority of new tyres are not suitable for tubes, they are ribbed internally and can cause chafing. Besides, a tubed tyre deflates catastrophically fast if punctured, wheras a tubeless is usually a more controlled deflation. So is the safer choice.

As to width, 155/80 will squeeze onto a 3.5j rim, but 145/80 is a better fit. 

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