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Fuel and Temp gauge fluctuations

David Hedges

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I have recently purchased a Vitesse Mk2 and I have a problem with both fuel and temp gauges. With the engine at working temp if you rev the engine for a 20 to 30 seconds both gauges increase then decrease back to normal when the revs drop. I have replaced the voltage stabiliser with a solid state one and the problem remains. If anyone has any ideas to help me out I would love to hear them. Thanks.




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this is voltage doing its bit,  the new stabiliser is not working correctly , or has a wiring defect 

the gauges are voltage conscious so have a stabilised supply at a steady or pulsed 10.5volts  to stop the varied charging voltages upsetting the needle reading  which is exactly what you are seeing    so can you check this with a simple  multimeter   my guess the new one is duff 



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