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GT6 interior mirror arm

Dave the tram

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Am I alone in sometimes wishing the interior mirror had a shorter arm, so that it was a bit higher instead of just above the dash? When turning or pulling out I sometimes see movement in the mirror and momentarily think it something ahead that I’ve missed. Also it blocks a significant chunk of the view ahead in what is already a small windscreen. Add a sat nav on the screen (until now I’ve been a purist and stuck with the map book) and the blind spots add up.

Probably got too much time on my hands during lockdown, but has anyone fitted a different mirror or shorter arm? Hopefully some of that time has been well spent and on the 450 mile round trip to Suffolk at the weekend I can test the fuel pipe insulation against vapour lock, the new electric washers and the USB charging ports. Hope the purists don’t think I’m spoiling it or getting soft!





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