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Looking for 1966 Triumph Vitesse GHP 436D


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I have some old documents relating to this car.
According to the DVLA website this is now a blue  (was red) but untaxed and not sorn. 
I owned car fir number of years then sold it on.Actually quite miss it as have a number of memories including doing the Norwich Union classic. 
Happy to give the docs to current owner free of charge image.thumb.jpg.ceff664dca04ca23218294047ca19dbc.jpg


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I also had a look at the DVLA and it's not been taxed since 2009. That's not good news. These days cars have to be taxed or SORN'd else they can be confiscated and as they're both free (for our cars) there's no reason not to. So I think it's gone I'm afraid.


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That’s sad. If it was that bad I’d have rescued it. Restored a few cars over the years. I’ve always had a classic to play with.

A friend once said classic cars are mobile works of art  that everyone can enjoy as they drive past. It’s a shame if it’s gone. 

Maybe in a garage or barn somewhere so still a chance it can be revived. I’d rescue it for the love of it.  
Thanks Bremar. 

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