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Herald / Vitesse rear radius arm bracket - part number 120045

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I've just found that one of my sets of these is Spitfire and the other is two left-handed brackets. The Herald / Vitesse rear outrigger to radius arm bracket.  I need the driver's side bracket; of course, it would be the one that's NLA from major suppliers.

Anyone got one, in any condition - I don't mind sandblasting, derusting and repainting. I've found a NOS pair in the USA for $56, but any local? I can see an afternoon searching the roofspace... yet again.. but in the meantime I'm short one so all offers welcome.

50ABAE6C-6E91-46F0-BE21-4B4CA962F387_1_105_c.jpg.aa72384690bf3a7fc550dccf17d99cd2.jpg  56163943-51EF-4421-AD16-93988D3BC6A5_1_105_c.jpg.ec6c10bad6d0e504b2b09dd3a37101ce.jpg

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Thanks Steve; haven't found the time to rummage about in the roof storage yet, but any will be appreciated. More than one chassis I gave away had those attached; I never thought they'd be hard to find. I was convinced I had far more radius arms, too, but only found three. Still, only need two... :)

One eBay seller claims it's easy to convert left hand to fit right hand; I suspect it involves a very large hammer...


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Just looked in my shed where i have another set with adjustable radius arms for my Herald CV conversion, and they are much more angled than the standard swing axle ones,so i must have replaced the ones on the Vitesse,i will look  in my lockup when i get a chance.


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