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Vitesse 1600/6 (Late) Stromberg 150CD Carbs

martyn wright

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Hi All!  Well!  I ordered a Carb Gasket set for a Vitesse 1600/6 (RV6119) (GRN 376509) and they arrived from Rimmer Bros promptly!  I dismantled the 150CD Carb to find that the Gasket Set was the wrong type?  They were for a 1600/6 but my vehicle was a "Late" (July 66 Model) on changeover period.  On checking the listing on Rimmer Bros, the ones I needed where for a Vitesse Mk1 2Ltr (RH5220)?  They also had a Mk2 2Ltr set that where also different!  I will now, as on a many previous time send these back as this car is a parts bin of the two different models and order the correct ones for the car!!

Another week wasted!  Martyn

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the 1600 has the same head /manifold layout as the MK1 2 ltr   so you should be ok 




137881 is common  1600  mk1  mk2  13/60  CD150 fitment 

the only variant would be like GT6 with temperature compensators which have a an addition air bleed hole 

but will work fine on a non TC carb   some ones at RB is making simple into variable   


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