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  1. I am currently rebuilding my Vitesse 2L Mk 2 and after 7 years I might succeed this year. However, I have no history of the car. Registration is WDU 687J .If anyone knows anything of the car's history , please let me know. Cheers, Dave.
  2. In fairness to Gorilla glue, the instructions do say that the joint should be firmly clamped for 24 hours... Cheers, Dave.
  3. Thanks for the information Nick and Pete. I shall carry on stripping the box down to see what's worn out. Cheers, Dave.
  4. I have a 1500 Spit gearbox and overdrive in my 13/60. The box is noisy in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd but is (relatively) quiet in top gear. I suspected that worn layshaft bearings were to blame, so I've pulled the gearbox out. I have removed the bellhousing and find that the 3 springs retained by the bellhousing to apply pressure to something? in the gearbox , are missing. What are these springs for, and could they be the reason the box is noisy, . All suggestions gratefully received. Cheers, Dave.
  5. I am reading this topic with interest as I have this problem with my 13/60 so all suggestions are welcome. I haven't fixed it yet because it's too hot outside to do any work! Also my gearbox is due an overhaul so a lot of work is coming my way...
  6. I had this problem. The brackets simply would not fit. They didn't even match each other.I got an immediate refund, but Rimmers said that they were aware of the problem, so why are they still selling them? Best to use second hand originals. Try Spitfire Graveyard, Triumph Spitfire Spares. Cheers, Dave. Ps. I did try the solid mounts, but under pressure, and I do mean extreme pressure, the wheels stayed where they were and the rack slipped. I now use polybushes and secondhand clamps.
  7. A bit late coming in to this topic. I fitted clamps. Tried to move steering when still, rack moved. Threw them away, fitted polybushes.
  8. I have rebuilt the rear spring on my Vitesse Mk2, greased it and covered it with grease tape. Is this likely to give me problems with an MOT tester as he can no longer see the spring leaves? Cheers, Dave.
  9. I have minilite replicas on my 13/60, but for my Vitesse (still in bits) I have 5.5J ex late GT6 steels. Cheers, Dave.
  10. Canley Classics Technical Archive explains how to shim Rotoflex bearings without a special tool ( other than feeler gauges ). It's hidden in the section on rear end noises or problems, or something like that!
  11. My 13/60 fitted with 1500 Spitfire flywheel,clutch,grearbox and J type overdrive, 5J x 13 alloys with 165/80 radials and a 1500 Spitfire speedo reads 30mph at 28mph by my satnav. Close enough for me.
  12. No Herald had 4 synchro. Spitfire Mk 4 ,3 rail gearboxes had 4 synchro, a straight swap but needing a flange change on the propshaft at the gearbox end.
  13. The old rubbers in the steering uj can be replaced by poly ones. From Chic Doig, I believe.
  14. Thanks Gary and Clive, you've confirmed what I thought. Cheers, Dave.
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