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  1. just got back from the white lion breakfast meeting in hartley witney which is easy to get to from surrey,west london, and hampshire areas and it was a great morning out with probably about 200 cars of all types even a 1910 standard there but i was the only herald and there were a few tr4s no gt6 s or dolomites etc. where is everybody ?
  2. thanks for your thoughts guys,i think i will start by checking the wiring then the ignition switch. cheers
  3. the starter is actually going into mesh,its a normal bendix starter
  4. i have a strange problem inasmuch as my starter motor will start operating while i am driving along and i have to stop and turn off the ignition and restart then its ok for a while then does it again. the starter is new so i am wondering if it could be a faulty ignition/starter switch. any one got any ideas? cheers
  5. not seen spare bulbs mentioned or the swiss pass for motorways vignette or something its called big fines if you do not have one and most importantly breakdown insurance (pessimist moi ? !! )
  6. happy new year to all. i have a knocking from my o/s rear suspension going over rough roads,i have renewed the s/absorbers and there does not seem to be any wear in the spring bush--could it be a u/j or the vertical link,i cannot feel any wear. the noise seems to be on the rebound on bumps. any ideas ? cheers
  7. i had hell of a job getting mine out,i cleaned an lubed the bolt under the sill with wd 40 then put a very long screwdriver through the eye inside the car and worked it back and fore giving it a squirt of wd 40 every now and then and it fought me all the way but eventually came out--took me ages. good luck
  8. there was an article in one of the car mags recently about this with a gt6 and the owner found after a lot of investigation that the diff was not completely straight in the chassis and cured the lean by shims under one side of the diff mounting. cheers
  9. hi, moto-build are in egham near staines not epsom. i have no experience with them with triumphs but do with mg,s which is their main work. they are good but very expensive.
  10. i have a spitfire engine in my 13/60 with a single 150 stromberg and it works fine. cheers
  11. dont do as i did and not take any notice of which way the bend went and had to ask which way they went (bend on top or bottom )
  12. sorry i would not have clue how to send a photo on line,as i said flange that was on the gearbox will not fit the herald propshaft which is strange. the gearbox stamp is overstamped and completely illegible
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