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  1. Hi all, thanks,for the replies. no reason in particular for the upgrade, just thought that if I’m working on that area I could do them at the same time. sounds like a set of mintex are the way forward.
  2. Hi all, I am considering doing the wheel stud upgrade when the weather warms up and thought I should look at the brakes at the same time. The car is a gt6 mk3 rotoflex. What are the options for improving the braking performance? I’ve seen some 4 pot kits advertised for around £500, are they worth doing or over kill? thanks in advance
  3. Cheers Wayne! Will keep an eye on them
  4. Hi all. looking for a set of wheels for a gt6 mk3. Good condition please but don’t have to have tires. Preference would be steel wheels but any silver coloured wheels considered.
  5. Hi all, thanks for the replies and help. Will give these wheels a miss as it sounds like the size isn’t really appropriate.
  6. Hi all apologies if this is in the wrong section or be answered before (I did try a search first), I am looking for some new wheels our mk3 gt6 and have seen some genuine mini lites advertised. they are 14x6 and stated as for a spitfire mk4 1500. would these fit the gt6 without causing rubbing issues and would they be ok on the standard studs ? am I right in thinking it is the replica mini lites that need the longer studs due to the thicker face of the alloy wheel? thanks all.
  7. Thank you Gully, that is excellent and just what I was thinking needed to be done. Thank you for taking the time to take the pics, Much appreciated !
  8. Thanks gully. Some pics would be great. I’ll try and get some when I’m next with the car.
  9. Hi all, thanks for the replies. Looks like I’ll have to save some pennies and buy the valences before I can fit it then, darn it.
  10. Hi all potentially another stupid question, but I’ve just received a new ally radiator cowl for the gt6 to replace the old card thing. I can see how the bottom of the cowl is supposed to fix to the radiator/chassis bracket but there are also holes near the top of the cowl that don’t have anywhere to attach to. I’m assuming these are to attached it to the valance boards, but the car doesn’t currently have them. Is there anyway to still attach the cowl without the valance boards? Should there be a bracket at the top of the rad? It seems it will be a bit top heavy otherwise.
  11. Hi all, finally got to the car tonight. Wheels same distance to chassis on both sides, which was a relief. On closer inspection it seems the overrider/front bumper and bonnet need shifting over toward the passenger side by half and inch or so. May tackle that on weekend but feel it’s going to be a can of worms m
  12. Thanks gents. Will take some measurements and report back. Any idea what ball park they should be ?
  13. Hi all, hope this is in the right section. When viewing the car from the front (gt6 mk3) I’ve noticed the passenger side wheel seems to stick out of the arch more than the drivers side. To my knowledge both wheels are the same offset and no spacers are in use. Tyre sizes are also the same. What else could cause this ? i will try and take a pic when I’m next with the car.
  14. Well I managed to get to one of the bolts and nipped that up and it seems to have made a small difference. See what you guys mean about the bulk head side bolt though. That’s quite awkward to get to ! may just get a new gasket anyway
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