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  1. Hi...I have bought these from them however I have not had the time to fit them...I have also got the seat foams too so its just finding the time to do it. Mine are tan...see my restoration thread Regards Nautam
  2. I got some new door cards from Park Lane Classics which also do new seat foams ...these will be my project for the cold miserable winter nights...hopefully will keep me happy come spring! Nautam
  3. Thanks Doug The pictures of the vehicles already posted look absolutely terrific...these cars look better than new! I know some of my body panels, bumpers, bodywork and interior etc look a bit 'off' but I thought I'd post some pictures anyway. As time goes on I hope to reach the extremely high standards of the cars I've seen already but I will take my time and do bits and pieces as I go along. You are right about the mirrors...dammed useless but give the car a nice retro feel...If anyone is behind me, I will be able to hear then anyway! Nautam
  4. Hi all Well here are a few pics of my rolling restoration....I will now attempt to try and refurbish my seats as I now have the foams...will post how I get on on my restoration thread... Some pics of my car...still work in progress but enjoying her none the less in the nice summer we had... Nautam
  5. No gritters down here in Elstree...forecast temperature to be around 23 degrees tomorrow... Nautam
  6. I must say I love this thread as we have discussed, mice, cats, battery chargers and tumble dryers!!! Brilliant! Nautam
  7. Doug, yes mine dryer is a condenser tumble dryer...have to keep emptying out the plastic tank...Its probably why the car has no rust on it even though its been stored in the same place and condition for so long... On cold days, I would assume there would be condensation forming on the garage windows if there was a lot of moisture but there isn't any so I think I should be OK...There is enough ventilation going through the garage I think which may also explain why there is no condensation at all. I have a little back room which I use as a gym and on cold days when I'm rowing/cross training, condensation forms on the window but I don't empty out my 'tank'...I suspect I don't have a built in condenser! I have a battery charger and keep the battery on permanent float...Recommissioned the car this year which included a new battery so battery should last a few more years I hope... Nautam
  8. My car is kept in a garage where I have a tumble dryer...this pumps out warm air when drying the clothes during winter and keeps the garage reasonably warm...Car was stored here for the past 17 years before recommissioning and its fair to say this saved the car...if it was kept outside, I doubt is she would be in the condition she is in now...I think I will keep starting her up and go for a 15 to 20 minute run when it is dry...In that way I think I should have all my bases covered... Nautam
  9. Did a little search on the internet and found that Bounce is quite good at keeping mice at bay from your cherished classic...plus it keeps the car smelling fresh...just lay some of the sheets on the seats, under the bonnet, in the boot and wrap a sheet round the exhaust pipe and tie up with an elastic band....will see if this works or not before the cat option... Nautam
  10. Hi All My heater does work...suppose I'm being a 'weed' and should muscle up to my Spitfire responsibilities!! Will start her up every 2 weeks and give her a run until warm...In that way the hassle factor come Spring will be severely reduced...Will check out the cat factor aspect too and let you know what happens...only problem is that I am allergic to cat fur!!...Great! Nautam
  11. My daughter has been banging on at me to get a cat...I'd like one as I had one when I was a wee nipper...need to somehow get wifey to agree...she's never had a pet so lets test and see how good my powers of persuasion are...wish me luck! Nautam
  12. Thanks guys...I get the general gist...I like the Robert Dyas gizmo idea of keeping mice away...I thought if I started it and give her a little drive round the block, that should be OK plus the smell of a used car (oil/petrol/exhaust fumes) may keep little critters away... When the car was sitting for 17 years in the garage, I'm sure some mice lived in the seats as the rotten seat foam was all over the place...this will change as I have new foams so will update and redo the seats this winter ready for next year. Regards Nautam
  13. Hi All...apologies for lack of form activity on the forum as I have been enjoying the summer with the Spitty/ Summer holidays/etc... As summer is more or less over so I was wondering what I should do over the winter until the spring with my Mark IV Spitty... The car is stored in the garage and I was thinking that over the Winter I should start the car up every 2 weeks, let it warm up a bit, move it a few time up and down the driveway and then repeat 2 to 3 weeks later...I have a battery charger to keep the battery charged and while the car is stored, keep it in neutral, leave handbrake off and roll the car from time to time to prevent tyre flat spotting. I will only drive her around when dry as I do not want to drive her around with all the salt/wetness on the roads that come with Winter. Of course, I will check oil water & dashpots before I start her. In the meantime I will attempt to upholster the seats as I now have all the foams etc from Park Lane Classics so have some little projects to keep me busy over the dark Winter months... Is this correct in terms of what you guys do over the Winter months? This is my first Winter since the car was recommissioned and I want to ensure she will be ready for fun in the Spring next year without any undue starting issues. Many thanks Nautam
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