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    1967 Spitfire Mk3, 1972 Stag, 1953 Ford Anglia E494A

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  1. +1 When I restored my MK3 I removed all theses clips and fitted the trim with sealant. No weeping rust has appeared from under the trims. Danny AO NE Scotland
  2. DannyS

    no vin plate

    On later cars there should be a VIN number stamped into the righthand wing boot lid gutter. Danny AO NE Scotland
  3. Nice one Casper. Here is an other two from our Grampian Stags website. http://www.grampianstags.net/Hazard Mod.html http://www.grampianstags.net/hazard.htm Danny AO NE Scotland 1967 Spitfire, 1972 Stag 
  4. I fitted a CarGo Hazard Warning Kit to my Stag it was really simple to do. To my Spitfire I fitted the switch and wiring from a Mk4 Spitfire. Danny AO NE Scotland 1967 Spitfire, 1972 Stag
  5. Yes, the the frame does go over the carpet on the transmission tunnel, sorry for the confusion. Great photos, I also have a MK3 1967 so there are a few differences, i.e, reversing lights, spread of wipers, steering wheel. Danny
  6. As far as I am aware the H frame is bolted directly to the steel work and not over carpets or sound proofing. The car looks really good. Have you swapped the indicator/sidelight units intensionally? I know some owners do. Danny
  7. I beleive it is not affected by petrol. I used it when my olive would not seal. Danny Spitfire Mk3 Ashley hardtop 1967 Stag Mk1 1972
  8. You could try wrapping PTFE tape around the olive and pipe. Danny Spitfire Mk3 Ashley hardtop 1967 Stag Mk1 1972
  9. Yep, far too pricy for me to justify.
  10. I have a tab each side on mine that you use to pull down the weather flap in to the car when winding up the windows. Not sure if this is the same? Have a look on the Rimmers site at the Hood assembly which shows a tab hanging down. Danny AO NE Scotland
  11. Yes, as far as I am aware the sealed beam and bulb type are interchangable. Danny Spitfire Mk3 Ashley hardtop 1967 Stag Mk1 1972
  12. See the attached screen shots taken from the workshop manual Danny Spitfire Mk3 Ashley hardtop 1967 Stag Mk1 1972
  13. I removed mine to de-rust and when I refitted them that was done with body adhesive.
  14. Thanlks for the info, I took my damaged seat cover off and repaired it as I am still not sure which way I will go. It is a Spit Mk3 with Spit 1500 seats so I am waiting to see if I can get MK3 seats. Danny
  15. Hi, My Spitfire Mk3 currently has Spit 1500 seats fitted and I would like to go original if anyone has a pair for sale. Thanks Danny
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