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  1. Thanks guys again for the help
  2. Hi just recently got my triumph 2000 mk2 back on the road the engine runs sweet but back fires occasionally ,idles fine, revs ok , I have NGK spark plugs in it wondered if this was the problem ?? maybe should I change them for champions ones instead ?? What is everyone else use
  3. My seats if you bang them brown dust comes out of them have hoovered but keeps happening that’s why I need to do something 😡
  4. The only trouble is mine are mid blue colour so a bit of pain being that colour 😡
  5. Hi looking for new seats covers for a triumph mk2 2000 to re do the seats without costing a arm and leg thanks Mark
  6. Mine is a slide away made in Birmingham I contacted the guy you owned it and between us we managed to get the roof out and redux the screws to handle that locks the roof shut so hope fully now sorted thanks again for all the help
  7. Hi have a triumph 2000 with a full length sunroof fitted went to open it today and the handle came off in my hand I can see the 3 screws that fit into the handle but not sure how to access them ?? Many help greatly appreciated not sure what make it is ?? The handle turns and locks the roof tight
  8. Was talking to my mechanic mate and he said that he had a old Saab that hadn’t been on the road for about 15-20 years had the same mine hasn’t been on the road for about the same hopefully all sorted will let you all know
  9. Have a good look in the tank today used my mates snap on scope looks like all the crud is out some light dusting to top of tank so will put back in and try again thanks for all the suggestions and help from everybody
  10. Thanks again will try Pete
  11. I’ll try tomorrow suppose you leave the tablets and boiling water in there for a few hours then jet wash it ?? how many tablets do you put in ?? Thanks Peter
  12. It crumbles very easily on your fingers shine my iPhone torch in the filler neck looks quite clean maybe some left in the bottom was going to try water based degreaser and boiling water and leave it to soak ??
  13. Just taken picture of the loose bits had a quick look in the tank might be some more in there could I use a degreaser and boiling water to clean it out maybe ??
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