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  1. Not sure but think it might have a hole in it as can only smell it on the drivers side near the boot
  2. Have a funny smell of petrol only on the drivers side near the back of the car think it might be the overflow pipe Do I just change it or block /cap it instead also which pipe should I use and size thanks Mark car is a 1973 saloon mk2
  3. Pete that’s not a bad idea middle section £108 where do I get a falcon back silencer??? Did you change the front section ?? Thanks Mark
  4. Still looking for one of these if anyone has one my car 1973 mk2 auto thanks Mark
  5. I’m after a triumph 2000 steering boss to fit a 1973 triumph 2000 mark 2 anyone got one with or without a wooden steering wheel ??? Thanks Mark
  6. Also my car is a1973 triumph 2000 mk2 do mini or other manufactures fit ??
  7. Hi I would like to change the 2500 wheel on my 2000 as it’s a bit too thin have a spare wooden steering wheel just wondered how many splines the boss has or what other car manufacturers steering bosses fit the 2000 thanks
  8. To be honest Pete its drives ok but when I stop at any lights or junctions it gets slower and slower and sometimes stalls did mention this to a mate and he said it should idle the same in gear same as park so not sure really 😮 dont think it had any creep at all
  9. Hi I have a 1973 triumph 2000 with a automatic gearbox when it’s in park no problems but when in drive or reverse with my foot on the brake it seems to be dragging and then the engine stalls any ideas what to do thanks
  10. Yes it does but not behind the door card.The pin sits in there but falls through the shaft of the handle
  11. Hi having trouble with the pin in the handle put one in and it fell out !!! a few days after fitting it ordered two new ones but they go straight through the handle from all directions do I need a new handle or is another way to sort this problem ???
  12. Quick update new alternator fitted thanks for all the help yet again
  13. I would like to retro fit a spindle radio into a din size hole ?? Whats the best way?? have seen some clips that you fit to the spindles then refit into the dash thanks Mark
  14. Hi probably need to change the engine mounts on my triumph 2000 mk2 as they are probably perished stupid question 2 in the front and 1 long one underneath near gearbox ??? Are they just for 2000 or stag,gt6 ,are they the same and easy to swop ??
  15. no I haven’t got a relay on the wing have looked up the wiring diagrams and found this which shows two plugs coming out of the alternator
  16. no It’s a 15 ACR Lucas unit 😡
  17. Sorry Tony which wires on which plug ??? Have posted two more photos !!
  18. Sorry Tony which wires on which plug ????On the back of mine I have two plugs that plug in unlike some of them which have only one what’s the other one for using important????
  19. On the back of mine I have two plugs that plug in unlike some of them which have only one what’s the other one for using important????
  20. My alternator has totally given up and way beyond repair !!!!!! i looking to replace or upgrade it .Mine is a 15ACR think I can go up to 16/17ACR replacement it’s off a 2000 1973 there are some on EBay for about £55 but not Lucas what do people suggest ???? Any help greatly appreciated
  21. Hi quick update put Bosch WR78 in and starts a lot better with out so much choke ran really well and no randomness misfires so hopefully problem sorted
  22. GOOD NEWS found the bloody thing can now post pictures and pass onto friend to remake one in steel
  23. Sorry Dave can’t see the photos I have emailed Bristol sunroofs with the photos what’s so annoying is that somebody I know would remake the handle out of steel instead of aluminium but can’t find it
  24. Hi Colin I have checked and think mine is smaller 30mm inner with a step and 40 mm across where as the Webasto one is 50mm across but very similar
  25. Hi Colin I have misplaced the handle and can’t find it at the moment but have taken photos of the surround and handle hole that’s all I have at the moment
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