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  1. Guys, really enjoyed watching this thread. I’ve got some roof issues myself and need to address the front lip. Having said that it is more the sides that concern me as they have butchered and not too sure how to repair them - any thoughts!?
  2. Just out of interest did you have any luck in finding a shell. I'm in a similar boat (except for the crash!) and have decided to rebuild a shell but was interested to find out what you had found as the costs are going up and up - although I do enjoy welding!! If anybody has any though I still need a couple of GT6 Mk2 doors! Many Thanks and good luck Stephen
  3. It’s been for sale a couple of times over the past couple of years I think its a beautiful car but for some reason I like the front bumper but I know what you mean! i still have the entire practical classics collection of the rebuild in my garage and use them for reference to be honest! what I would give for those doors though! In fact what would I give for any doors! lovely car!! stephen
  4. Thanks guys, did as you suggested last night with the tap and all is good with all bolt threads now clear. Really impressed with the Powder Coating but get the feeling you guys are against it 😀😀😀 thanks again and and will be back with more questions I’m sure stephen
  5. Hi all, I had my chassis Powder Coated a long time ago and have just comes to bolt the Body to it. I went to check the bolts fit first and the holes are full of Powder coating so I can get to the threads and hence the bolts won't go in - think I'll learn something from this! Anyone any ideas how to get the threads clean. I would prefer not to tap new threads and I can't get a dremel in the holes as they are to small. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Stephen
  6. Gt6ball

    GT6 mk2

    Thanks Pete - much appreciated! do you know if that panel has a name - otherwise I’ll just describe best I can thanks again stephen
  7. Gt6ball

    GT6 mk2

    Hello, i have been restoring a mk2 and have pretty much done the rolling chassis and have moved onto the body and there are a few things I could do with! The panel at the bottom of the front scuttle is corroded on both sides and I don’t think you can buy them. Does anybody have any from an old bulkhead they might have? I have included a picture in case my explanation is poor🤪. i also need a couple of good doors. The ones I have have been chopped around by the PO and have gaps all around when on the car - some of it is the poorly fitted sills but if I had good doors at least I would have a starting point. I’m new to this forum so thank you in advance and hope my rumblings make sense! stephen
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