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  1. I'm too late. I've just installed 13" Continental Eco Contact 6 tyres on my GT6 and find them to be the best tyre I've used. Low rolling resistance, low noise and never once loses grip. That they are available for budget tyre prices is a bit surreal!
  2. New battery installed. Much to my surprise the car starts noticeably quicker with fewer turns. Amazing!
  3. Thanks for the encouragement - Worth a shot I suppose but will start with the passenger side first just incase. Now, to search for "How to take the seat out of the car" 🙆‍♂️
  4. I may have overestimated my ability to handle this job on my own. I have the Spitfire 1500 reclining seats installed. It's clear I will need to: 1) Lightly rust "convert" the seat frame which is otherwise is good shape. 2) Follow the instructions I'm tempted to hire a trim guy to install everything for me but before I do, thought I'd check to see if any novice had attempted this job before?
  5. Cost me £150 a couple years ago for the upgraded core. I did a citric acid flush with the old radiator on (highly recommended to get the gunk and rust out of the cooling system) and then replaced all the hoses, cleaned and polished the housings myself and added a new thermostat. The difference was astounding - the ol' girl warms up the cabin within 5 minutes on the coldest winter day and stays at 90 degrees (it's a diesel) no matter what I throw at it. Even at 88mph (top speed for the 240D) Who knows what prices are today but I went with it for originality. That said, for the GT6, the reduced weight of the aluminum radiator and improved cooling are attractive.
  6. Aaron's radiators. I've had one done for my Mercedes. Top class!
  7. I experience the same symptoms on my MK2 GT6. Fortunately, the aux fan appears to work well to keep the thermostat firmly at the halfway mark. Would switching to a Radtec aluminum radiator remove the need for an additional fan? They do claim "a 40% upgrade in cooling when compared to the original."
  8. Compared to me, you are definitely more experienced. You're advocating not being preventative with the Master Cylinder?
  9. Greetings, I have a Girling Brake Master cylinder currently equipped on my MK2 GT6. The bulkhead area underneath the master cylinders has corroded due to a Clutch cylinder leak (now replaced with a NOS Girling). Now would be the opportune time to either rebuild or replace the Master Cylinder. I have a few questions for the more experienced: 1) Rebuild with new seal kit or replace? 2) If replace, should I purchase another Girling or a TRW MC? 3) If TRW, anyone know where those are manufactured? (No Chinese parts on my vehicles). Many thanks!
  10. Just picked the Bosch S5 075 battery up for ~£62 after 20% discount via ebay. One left incase anyone is looking.
  11. Sadly Nigels mic malfunctioned mid filming. That said, everybody’s a critic!
  12. I was able to procure the plain ol' W78 plugs. Made in Germany - impressive! After 250 miles of motorway driving, so far, the plugs have yet to oil up. I'm hoping I can make it to my next oil change....
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