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Clutch Problems - Bite Point Moving


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So after a faultless summer I take the Spit. away to north wales for a week and...something's up with the clutch!


When I press the clutch pedal it will either feel normal or I could get lots of slack and the bite point anywhere between normal and the floor. The general trend seems to be a normal pedal when downshifting after driving, coming up to a roundabout for example. Shuffling forward in a queue or pulling away is when it seems to be lower.


The fluid level isn't going down so I'm guessing the piston's sticking in the master cylinder, but only just so the vibration of driving at any speed is enough to shake it free.


What do you guys think? Agree with my diagnosis or anything else it could be/I can test for.



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could be slave , they corrode and stick more than the M cylinder, both are possibles 


also a prime thing to affect the throwout is the loss or lossing the pivot pin which is a sloppy fit in the  clutch hsg, held in with a crinkle bush called a tolerance ring  these fall out and the pin drops 


its just visible from the O/s of the hsg . you can see the small hole the pin fits in if you look down the off side .



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I had massive end float, needed a regrind and a re-bore. Re-bore was because the crank was swinging the con rods forward and aft and the pistons had worn the bores into an elongated S shape. Hope this hasn't happened to you. Let us know what you're gonna do. Good luck!

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And if its at 8ts worst and the crank has minced the thrust retaining lugs off the main bearing cap you can with care build up weld and fettle new ones

just dont encroach into the bearing bore surface done this on a couple of 1300s and its worked for many years , this needs carefull welding skills. Otherwise you can be told the block is now scrap


lets hope its not got that bad



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