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Classic LeMans 2016 - Bookings open


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Hi Everybody


I have great pleasure in attaching at last!! The LeMans Classic 2016 TSSC Entry Form.


You will notice that we are now able to offer both Hotel and Ferry Options as well so if you have any queries about these or any other part of the form please do not hesitate to give me a ring on 01858 434424 between 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday


Please note that Members will have priority booking  until 16th December 2015  - After that date bookings will be open to allcomers


Regards Angie

LeMans Classic 2016 TSSC Entry Form.pdf

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Already answered on CT, but anyway:


We used to go family holidays Portsmouth-Caen.   The evening sailing and (rather early) morning arrival  lets you get a good night's kip, esp. if you cabin,  before the drive the next day - unless you are still partying, when the  ship's bars seem to stay open late.  And of course, the D-Day beaches are all along the coast to the west from Caen, and Pegasus bridge is a stroll inland from Ouistreham  harbour.


Also to St.Malo, which is a worthwhile place to explore if you can get there early for the ferry back.  Wonderful old (reconstructed old) walled city, houses lean over the street, but filled with tat souvenir shops, better head for the Tour Bidouane and the walkway to the Chateau, where you can see the battlemented offshore islands that made it a superbly defensible harbour in Nelson's day, and unapproachable in WW2.  


Anyone from north of the Midlands should consider the Hull-Zeebrugge crossing, same sleeping possibilities as to St.Malo/Caen (or not)


But I'm thinking of the Eurotunnel, if only because I've never been down it!




And add my other comment:

Many people get the cross channel ferry, get on the A16/A28 (even if that gets them get into the Rouen snarl-up), dash down to Le Mans. and back again.

They have their reasons, sometimes I think because they rightly want to save leave days for a family holiday.


But France has some wonderful motor sport sites to visit, let alone the architecture, and is wonderful driving country, as anyone who has 10CRed can say.    And the wine, and the cheese, etc.etc.


The last time I was at CLM, we went the long way, around Paris well to the North, to the incredible Riems-Gueux road circuit and then on clockwise to Le Mans.  On the way back, it was Rouen-Les Essartes, another Grand Prix  road circuit of times past and worth a visit.    And all the way, the driving was a joy, on uncrowded roads through beautiful country.


If anyone is thinking of extending their Le Mans visit in a similar way, let's join up, exchange ideas about places "worth a diversion" and multiplying out enjoyment.  One I'd like to look at ( and drive??) is Montlhery; not a road circuit, but banked, like Monza, and they do track days! http://www.trackdays...montlhery-cic64



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John, eurotunnel is BORING. Cant even get a cuppa on the journey. On the plus side it isn't affected by weather. and is quick. Downside I have used it for 3 return trips this year. Every one has been delayed. Most by an hour, one (migrant issues) by 4 hours. 


And the long overnight ferries are getting expensive, by the time a cabin is factored in it is nearly £350 a car plus 2 return. Ouch. The 4 hour newhaven crossing is rather better value! plus only 15 minutes from home, another big advantage. And then a decent breakfast stop somewhere, not that the french do a decent fry-up :(  however pastries are always good, and I do enjoy a croque monsieur or madame. But not for breakfast.

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