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Steering Rack Clamp Plate / Plate Reinforcing - Positioning Anomaly

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When I got the car which was a non-runner the plates (133875) were set on top of the chassis, with the angled parts facing inwards and downwards and pushed out to butt up to the chassis. So I re-assembled them like that.  I then spent ages trying to get the steering right (and ££££) and it's better but the U clamps themselves are not close enough to the edge and the rack can still move too much left and right when the wheel is turned.

I was at Moss the other day and when they came out for a look at the car I mentioned this problem and think I gathered that these plates should be sitting underneath the chassis, not lying on the chassis.  Neither Moss (133875 Plate Reinforcing) nor Canley (133875 Steering Rack Clamp Plate) show them actually fitted to the chassis.   The anomaly is that looking at the Moss catalogue the plates face inwards and downwards, (as I have mine) yet looking at the Canley website Parts diagram they are in exactly opposite orientation, with the angled part on the outer side and pointing upwards.

Which orientation and placement is right?

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The pin had been working it's way out and being squeezed back in with finger pressure by me ever since I got the car three years ago, then the metal attaching to the boot lid portion just sheared one morning.  When I lifted the lid to get at the bolts I didn't realise that the boot deck nut, which is hard to see, is 1/2" while the others to the lid are 7/16".  As I struggled to hold it open and get a 7/16 socket on it I twisted the lid slightly and the other one went, in the same place.  Perhaps that's why they sell them in pairs!

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