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  1. Very much hoping to find this?
  2. It'll come Colin. Good to avoid the red liquid and holes. When I was building the Fury it was in a yard 30 miles away. 3 weekends running I cut my hands or head badly on tools or the underside of the lift there and had no first aid kit. Then I had to drive home so put a fresh rubber glove on my hand every now and again and a handkerchief under my cap. My son just looked at me pityingly and took me straight to A&E each time I got home for stitches etc. It became a bit embarrassing at the hospital and the family are convinced I'm a liability. The good thing is that they don't expect me to do any DIY any more which I hate.
  3. The body shop I was using is struggling in every way due to the pandemic and I feel for them. They can't finish it and it's still too much for me. Finally found that a guy in the midlands who I've known of for some years can fit the bonnet in, he says in a month or so. I'll trailer the car and bonnet up there once he's ready. It's a year since we swapped the body onto the new chassis and since getting it started again the car has just sat under its cover on the drive - acting as a trampoline at night for the local fox cubs judging by the paw prints.
  4. I've just been given a new tub of Halfords de-rusting gel, which is based on citric acid. Have you tried any of their stuff?
  5. Thanks, I gave them a call after seeing this and they seem very helpful. De-greasing before using the gel seems to be the way to start.
  6. Has anyone any experience of using this? I'm thinking of it as an option for treating the bonnet of my Mk1 Spitfire, the entire bonnet has light surface rust having been prepped ages ago by the PO down to the bare metal but not finished.
  7. The panel beater who has been working on the bonnet of my Mk1 Spitfire is in difficulty financially and may close. We've agreed that I take the bonnet back, pay him for what he has done and remain friends (we've known each other for years). Has anyone any thoughts on a possible someone that could do it? Ideally London / Birmingham region - I can get the car there. The bonnet needs finishing, the Mk1 hinges need welding onto the re-built chassis and the scuttle needs straightening where the wiper axle holes are - they were distorted in the accident when the original bonnet was pushed back and forced them against the windscreen base. This is beyond my skills.
  8. Just out on YouTube after launching on Sky a few months ago "The Racers that Stopped the World". Stirling Moss and Norman Dewis discuss the background. I declare a vested interest, my son made the film.
  9. Thanks Pete. I like red too as it happens - my 66 MGB GT has a red interior. I'll try Newton.
  10. I've seen a 1963 Mk1 in the same colour as mine on eBay with red seats, white piping and red cockpit back panel. It looks much friendlier than my original black with white piping. Any suggestions for a supplier please?
  11. May to December - no progress until last week. The "new" bonnet arrived, went to the bodyshop and they promptly had to shut down. When they re-opened in the summer they had to deal with a rush of accident repairs and the Spitfire bonnet was sidelined. Then they had to shut down again. It's now stripped, up on a stand and the few dents and several rusty bits (that weren't supposed to be there when I bought it on eBay unseen in the first lockdown) are nearly done. A few new bits of metal have had to be fabricated for the corners beside the sidelights and on one side panel but it's progress. Perhaps soon after Christmas the car and bonnet can be married up but I'm not promising myself anything!
  12. I bought a used replacement recently from SpitBitz in Woking. Do insist that the one they send is fully functioning because the first one they sent had a jammed thread, the same problem as mine - but replaced immediately and without argument nor cost to me.
  13. Bleedin amateur! I hadn't nipped up the n/s rear hose to the brake drum tightly enough. Thought I had checked and re-checked. Must have seeped slowly and just enough to empty the master cylinder. Found it by tracing with my finger around all the connections and it was just a minute smear, but enough. Vizibleed I love you.
  14. Saw a yellow F registered Spitfire Mk4 with GT6 bonnet and badges near me in SW London today. Nice looking conversion.
  15. I read the box instead of guessing. Mines a solo bleed, not an easybleed. Changing the subject, if the rear wheel brake cylinders are leaking I've a dilemma. Were the drums interchangeable between the early and later cars? There are two cylinder sizes listed in the Moss catalogue and my rear axle is the later swing axle.
  16. Haven't been called young for a while! Peeing with rain here today and work is suddenly busy so it might be Friday earliest.
  17. I've got a solo bleed. I'll try again.
  18. It's the nut turning. But I have no idea of the condition of the thread underneath although the tiny bit I can see looks viable. It's not loose laterally, as Pete says. I might put this in the "waiting - too difficult" tray on my desk and ponder - and have another fiddle soon with the screw drivers and possibly my junior hacksaw.
  19. Pete why does the catch jar have to be above the nipple?
  20. Tried levering - will do so again but I'm so ham fisted. I think I'll leave it until it's ready to go for it's MOT (paint shop says they are starting the bonnet but no idea when the body will be finished though) and get them to do that and check for my other bodges as part of a safety check ahead of the MOT.
  21. Oh! I hadn't used anything like half a litre. I'll do it again and see where we go.
  22. Yes mine did too. One issue was that the fuel tank rusted halfway up and leaked badly, at the seam, so capacity was down from I think 4.5 gallons to 2.25 gallons, but there were lots of petrol stations in those days. Anyway on £13.00 a week I could only afford two gallons. Oops - I had never thought about the petrol sloshing onto the exhaust pipe until I wrote this!
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