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Herald 1200 carb Rebuild


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Hiya all im planning on rebuilding the carb for my herald and was just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks. im going to wait till my manuals arive to start taking it apart to be on the safe side. so yea just any little things that would be good to know thanks :)

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degreaser and soda crystals 

washing soda will clean the alloy casting  , dont leave it in a solution for weeks it will attack it badly  

this gets all the old corsionand stains lifted   a cuo full in 2 ltr hot water for an hour will work 

if you have not done this before photo all parts as removed 

a tip ther are small drilling from the top face down to exits near the throttle plates most important these are clean/clear 

dont  loose the small ball and spring under the accelerator pump swan neck pipe 

ask on here as you progress 


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