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Hi Torque Starter motor


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Does anybody have experience of fitting a Powerlite  starter motor (RAC401) to a 1300 engine.

Mine appears to only fit one way,  but is tight up against the manual prime lever of the petrol pump. Now I've never had a reason to use the manual priming lever but sods law is that once the starter motor is fitted I will.

Thanks in advance



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Only on 6 cylinder, which is different! From your post, you've already tried fitting it 'upside down'. If you manage to get it to fit like that, make sure you plug all the drain holes that would have been on the bottom, as they'll just let water in and the insides will rust amazingly quickly. 

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Thanks Colin - I tried it the other way but it wouldn’t clear the engine block.

i have an adaptor that i bought from SC Parts - part no. 285643 that fits the starter motor and can be rotated. should now fit with no more issues. That’s once i’ve got the engine back in the car.



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