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Bond inspection


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Is there anybody close to the Medway area in Kent who can help me with an inspection for registration purposes?

Trudi has furnished me with the paperwork for club help, but the car is currently off the road for  restoration.

Hopefully, there is a kind individual out there who can help, or suggest any other options.  Thanks. 

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I don't know what info the Club requires, but a starting point would be the 'Bond Cars' maker's plate on the nearside of the bulkhead, visible with the bonnet open. The chassis number is the same as the Triumph engine number but with a 'B' added to it: so engine number FC12345 would be Bond chassis number BFC12345. There will also be the Bond production number on there: as a 1968 registration, your car will either start with and 'S' (1967) or 'T' (1968), followed by the month number (Jan=1, Feb=2, etc.) and finally the production number which will be between 1 and 2505.

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Patrick. i'm all over the place with this forum😕. I'll get it soon, i hope.

i,ve got the plate details ok, plus a copy of registration from Kent archive centre. my problem is finding someone to authenticate the car and fill

in the form. Once that's done, i can send the paperwork back to Trudi for her to take over.  I have messaged a couple of members close to me, but

no replies forthcoming. Until i can get that done, i am stuck, as DVLA won't accept the proof from me. It has to go through the club.

Oh well, some kind member is out there somewhere, just need to find them. 😄

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