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Calling …TOD 633J

Unkel Kunkel

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Well sort of ‘spotted’ -  not the actual car, but a bit of paperwork.

My Spitfire was purchased from a lady who bought the car new in 1973.

It came with a thick wad of paperwork.

Today, amongst the paper I came across a receipt for her purchase of a different  vehicle: 

for the purchase of her previous  car bought new in Devon in 1970.

(She traded this car in 1973 when she bought my present Spitfire) 

It was also Spitfire:

a 1970 model reg  TOD 633J .

colour ‘Saffron’


( referred to oddly as a ‘Triumph Herald  - Spit  fire’  on the receipt) 


It is still registered according to DVLC

Is it owned by a TSSC member ?

-it is quite a significant part of that cars history  


if you’re  out there, please get in touch.





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