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  1. I've go the same model silencer fitted on my 13/60 ( less the leak), so either it is/was a recognised fit for the car or both our car's pos opted for the same 'make do and mend'.
  2. Plenty of time yet, I've still not painted the walls and ceiling in what became the boiler room and 'mini' workshop/store about 10 years ago.
  3. I was luckier last year when 'er indoors was away on her 3 week thermal cure it gave me plenty of time to completely 'restore' her room and go out in the car. After all it does take AGES/DAYS for filler and/or paint to dry 😁
  4. Well, I said in the PM that I'd keep my fingers crossed that it would pass, I sure it would have even without! Now get the miles in before winter comes 😁
  5. There was no intention to offend Colin. I have just been trying to log on to him to send a pm. I had thought that Colin's sense of humour would have lead him to pick up on the humour and reply again.
  6. I bought rubbers from a site ages ago and can get 2 blades per length, much cheaper than whole units so even I can afford to replace them at the first signs of wear 🤑
  7. That is a purr fectly valid question. Am I allowed a paws before I reply?
  8. Now you're just being catist! 😾
  9. You see he just has to get the last word in, don't you Colin? 🤭
  10. No, just Colin feeling left out again 😁
  11. Chris A


    At the moment the data says there are 21 online users, I'm sure that at least 20 of those 21 would agree as well. We need to have standards, they don't need to be too high just high enough . . . .😁
  12. Warning! Thread drift : Is this the longest internet link posted on the forum ? 🤔
  13. Had something a bit similar on the 13/60 when I got it. The end of the choke cable that went beyond the bracket was bent and would bloke the mechanism when the coke was in use then when the choke was released it still stayed partly on raising the tick over.
  14. Chris A


    I'm not a great fan of Tai Ping either, bit pricey. 🤔 Onward and upward then https://www.taipingtent.com/store-uk/quince
  15. No, the delay in getting fuel through gives the oil a bit of time to start building pressure
  16. I know what you mean, back in the 70's my job meant I had to go to Belfast 2 or 3 times a year. 'Seeing the sights' back then wasn't as much fun as it should have been . . .
  17. Didn't offend me, but then I'm quite open minded. In fact the first words my (at the time) future wife said to me were 'what the f*** are you doing here?!' 🤬
  18. Chris A

    So satisfying

    In the 80's there were two Chris **** So I was Chris A the other Chris R. (R= Ranger) When I started at the grammar school the French teacher went round the class asking for our names. Fine with the likes of Bradley, Jones etc. but when I said Anthony he turned blue and yelled 'your surname not first name, boy!' I sheepishly explained . . I knew there was a risk when he got to another boy, who just happened to live across the street from me who was called John Christopher. Then there was the neighbour's son John who was stopped coming back to chesterfield via the dales and Yorkshire moors by police searching for the Yorkshire Ripper. They thought he was taking the P*** when asked for his name he replied John Smith . . Now we have to remind the French how to spell my wife's maiden name by saying 'as in George or Ford' they spell it HaRiSSon to get the prononciation to cope with the 'S'. The number of official forms that had it wrong even when we filled them out ourselves and they typed them or put them on a computer. . . As far as my first name goes they never shorten it and I don't bother trying to get them to call me by the short version. If they were to use a diminutive it would sound like 'KreeKree'
  19. Chris A

    So satisfying

    Should have said Madame is Wendy - a very rare name here.
  20. Chris A

    So satisfying

    I also get calls assuming I'm Monsieur Wendy Anthony . . .
  21. Me too on the 13/60 when it happened it was very impressive and worrying, I thought the engine had exploded! No damage but the vibration! Took the remnants off until a replacement found.
  22. Well, I needed to get a new pair of safety boots so here are the measurements of the seat in my 13/60. I took the Herald to get the boots!
  23. Noted. I'll be disturbing the car's nap in the next couple of days so will take a series of measurements for you. I assume the seats are standard and haven't been replaced over the years.
  24. It does look very classy! I think about changing the one on my 13/60 as it is starting to look a little past its best. What puts me off, other than the cost of the dash (whatever they may be), is the work required to do the swap over, I'd have to chicken out and get it done professionally which would bump up the cost a lot!
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