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  1. Sort of correct, the 'E' routes i.e. those that go between countries have special privileges for freight. For the rest I'm not sure what time they start again - no doubt after my bedtime 😁
  2. Don't do that! Rule number 1: Don't tell 'em anything Rule number 2: Deny everything Rule number 3: If you get this far down the list you're stuffed!
  3. Well it didn't last long me being correct, back to normal then I suppose 🀬
  4. NO! I was 2 1/2 times that age πŸ‘΄
  5. You say the nicest things, nobody has ever said that to me before. Brought tears to my eyes - or was that because I spilt my hot tea on my lap when reading it? πŸ˜‚
  6. πŸ˜ƒ That can't be the correct placing can it? right in front of the rad with wires that look as if they pass between the fins. Even Triumph wouldn't have done that. More likely they are just sitting there waiting to be fitted or thrown away πŸ™ƒ
  7. Like France, another civilized country πŸ€”
  8. On my Skoda it may or may not turn off, depends if the car thinks you need the engine running to heat/cool the occupants, battery level, all this mentioned in the handbook. It may just decide what to do just to keep me on my toes, Yetis are known for their disturbing sense of humour.
  9. Maybe they count in the 10% that aren't pointless. My previous Skoda had them and in winter going to work in the mornings they certainly eased the muscles in my back. Now I'm retired I don't do early mornings😁
  10. If you went down the list of all the 'aids' modern cars offer I bet over 90% could be called pointless. I know when it it's raining so don't need the car to intervene and use the wipers Ok it is getting dark or the visibility isn't good so I'll switch the lights on I know I have to let the handbrake off, put a seat belt on, watch blind spots . . . The car will soon ask you where you want to go and take you there without you having the bother of driving it. Oh, some do? Of course - taxis! Because the techies can do it they do.
  11. Chris A


    That would make sense because in the case of an emergency or the learner freezing the examiner can stop the car.
  12. The last time I used the Yeti when I got back I put something in the storage thing on the dash and must have caught the hazard lights button. About 5 hours later I spotted them and switched them off. This morning I thought maybe I should put the car on charge 'just in case'. Then thought, where is the battery anyway? Only had the car 4 years so hardly needed to open the bonnet. Found battery with its nice little cover to keep it warm. How do you charge it? There doesn't seem to be a '-' terminal, spotted the '+'. Had to get the book out . . πŸ™„. As the car has stop/start there is a box of electronics in the place of the '-' and it says connect to the engine earth, well it says it in French. Decided I didn't need to charge it but I am a lot wiser, I can show anyone where the battery is hidden
  13. Chris A


    Maybe they had done their homework and their intention was to show how tricky it was with an EV, i.e. they were biased. After all there are, as you say, better about. although maybe they chose the ZOE because there are more of them on the roads here than any other make/model.
  14. Chris A


    Why do you think we moved here in 1994 (property bought in 1990) from New Malden.
  15. Chris A


    Mine has stop start, it doesn't get much use as there isn't much traffic around here 😁
  16. Chris A


    Yes if they have EPB's
  17. Chris A


    Yes, but in what? Once the driving schools switch over to EVs how does a novice get to practice and take a test in a manual? Are people still allowed to have mum or dad sat at the side of them in a private car & take their test in it? This assumes mum or dad have a manual? Here I don't think you can learn in anything but a 'proper' school car. How many young drivers will even think of taking the manual option at the time of their test? They won't be thinking that they will be buying a classic. It is more likely older drivers will take the option when they have the good taste to want a classic. Better get out there and do auto conversions to all the classics ready for the boom in demand πŸ€‘ When my wife was learning to drive she had difficulty and her teacher suggested trying an auto. Passed test quickly after. In her view why drive a manual, an auto means less to concentrate on. We bought her an auto CitrΓΆen when we moved her with auto wipers and lights. When she was test driving it I said to the salesman, she could do with a warning about the handbrake being on - it has one he replied.
  18. Chris A


    That is an interesting point. Does this mean that we are an endangered species and doomed to extinction?
  19. Chris A


    There has just been an item of the news where the reporter used a Renault ZOe to go from Paris to La Rochelle. Before setting off they planned the 2 recharging stops they would need. They also worked out that they would have to drive relatively slowly compared to an ice. At the first no problems, other than it took 1 1/2 hours to charge. At the second there wasn't a cable that matched their car, luckily they found another close enough so they didn't run out. Again 1 1/2 hours to charge. Total time for the journey 11 hours, 5 longer than with a ice. At least the cost was less, around 20 Euros of electricity. My neighbours across the road have one, for long trips they use their old diesel
  20. Chris A

    Stuck inside

    Yes, looks like hand operated accelerator
  21. "Seek and ye shall find" After a night's thought (I'm a slow thinker) I wondered what my spare was held in place with and I had a vague memory of adding wheel nut to my 'potential' shopping list. Well, the wheel is held in by an ordinary(ish) nut and my list of spares had a wheel nut listed as being in my 'SOS kit'. Yes I do have one - it must have been included when I got the car, maybe holding the spare in place even.
  22. Isn't this the point where you say, "here's one I prepared earlier" πŸ˜ƒ
  23. That's good to know, it's what I thought. A spare wheel nut is always useful just in case, now to put it on my shopping list.
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