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Speedometer angle drive overhaul.


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I have an oil leak from my speedometer angle drive.

I was hoping to inspect and replace the seals if possible?

 I have loosened the knurled nut which is between the angled drive and the speedometer drive but they seem difficult to separate. Can anyone help?


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I can only think the drive shaft of the angle drive is a bit mangled and got stuck in the gear output. No other way to get it apart except a bit of pressure perhaps prising with a screwdriver between the body of the angle drive and the knurled nut now its undone?

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Pete L, johny, and Paul. I held the short drive in the vice and pulled the angle drive housing by using “Guy the gorilla “ tactics 😀. The two parts are now separated and I can now look for new seals.

Thank you all for your help and support 👍


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14 minutes ago, johny said:

Any obvious reason for the sticking?

None I could see. Possibly Stiction of oil between the two flat cup type surfaces which are held into gearbox by the clamp. Main reason is probably me being too gentle with disassembly method.

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