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Brian Sculpher

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I’ve just purchased a very nice Triumph Stag mk 1.5

My issue is with the type brake & clutch fluid used = currently I have tested the current fluid without a definitive answer as to type.

The following test proved more successful with a small sample of the very clear liquid in the reservoir wether it would mix with Dot 4.

Result = the clear mixture would not mix and stayed on top of the DOT4 even when shaken up.

Has anyone any idea what type of potentially clear silicone brake & clutch fluid I have as I understood it was normally tainted a purple colour.


Thanks for looking

Brian Scupher

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Congrats on your recent purchase, a good Stag is a cracking car.

DOT 3 or 5.1 fluid should mix happily with your DOT 4 sample.  Therefore - based on your description - whatever is in your master cylinder does not appear to be Glycol-based and is probably silicon-based (DOT 5).

That said, DOT 5 purchased these days is usually purple - but when it was first available for regular punters I do remember some brands being clear and being supplied with a label to put around the filler-cap stating what was in the system to avoid inadvertent filling. Perhaps it has been in there a long time :) 

…….. Andy

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I run Silicon DOT 5 purple in colour in the Vitesse and I have this DIY plastic covered label screwed to the bulkhead as a warning.

Normal brake fluid is hydroscopic ie absorbs water so using a brake moisture test tool should confirm whether or not it's silicon.

Silicon Decal.jpg

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