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Jane Birkin was a Triumph fan....

Colin Lindsay

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Here she is very highly regarded as an actress, singer & rebel. Much of her esteem must be down to her conections with the bloke in those two pictures 😉, 'Serge the derge' as my wife calls him.

Tributes to her have been huge, one TV company dropped a film to show one of her many films, I think thry said she had been in over 70, another replaced a programme to show her last concert performance, last year or two.

Somehow I missed both prograzmmes. . . 

As is usual for such passings my regional TV channel managed to find some link to her. Serge & Jane had a house in a small village in Normandy at some point.

The Bretons, not wanting to be outdone, also managed to find a link to a property in the Finistere. Plus, of course, the Paris address she shared with Serge.

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11 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

I forgot I had this photo until it reappeared this week given the lady's unfortunate passing. Not only did she have a Mk1, she later had a Mk3, too.




Really?  She lived in France from the late 60s, and 'K' is 1971-2!  Sure that's Gainsborough, and that l kiooks like a one year old she's carrying, probably her daughter Charlotte, with Gainsborough.   The child in the boot, her first daughter, Kate Barry.

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Another Triumph with a Birkin connection, not that either of them owned it. From the film 'Slogan'. The car was rented for the film from a garage and at the end of filming Serge signed the dashboard and said 'one day it'll be worth gold'. The wife of one of the garage staff loved the car so her husband bought it for her, it has remained in the family until now.

It is being put up for sale, so will it be worth its weight in gold?

By the way the car is in better condition than in this video, see photo.



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