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Handbrake cable too long?


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I've fitted a new rear (secondary) handbrake cable to my Herald - I cannot get enough adjustment at the wheel ends to take up the slack.  I can take up slack using the front cable adjuster but then I lose the correct 15 degrees angle on the actuator arm.


Anyone come across this problem?  Only solution I can see is to shorten cable 30-40 mm, but everything is standard, and looks in order, so I can't work out why a standard cable doesn't work.


The length of my new cable matches the length of three old ones I have in my "stock", it is 1615mm end to end, including threaded bits.
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Thanks for replies so far - but no cigar yet!


PeteH - all pins, yokes and everything are brand new.  The primary cable adjusts the angle of the actuating arm, which has to be at the angle described in the workshop manual.


John - I've got the rear suspension under load.


Pete Lewis - isn't there only one way round the shoes, single-leading, go?


Keep 'em coming!

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John - I've read that thread.  The short chassis cars do have a choice of three lengths, all of which are about 300mm shorter than the Herald cable - I seem to need a shorter one - but not THAT short!


Pete - I've lost count how many times I've changed rear brake shoes in the 36 years I've been working on Heralds - I hope I've not been doing it wrong!!

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OK since you ask - I'm restoring the first car I ever owned - bought in 1978 - a 1967 Herald 1200 Estate - though I had three serviceable handbrake cables in my stock only a shiny new one is good enough!


All four cables are the same length (1615mm including threaded ends) - when the car was last on the road I did have one of those cable adjusters you attach that puts a kink in the cable to shorten it - I've put that back now but still I'm at the end of the adjustment at the brake end - as you adjust up the threaded end you get to point where you can't move the handbrake pull off spring anchor far enough to get some tension in the spring.


Frankly I'm stumped - just can't see any reason why I'm running out of adjustment.  I'm tempted to go back to the primary cable and ignore the 15 degree angle shown in the workshop manual.

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Ok, I need to move on, prop and exhaust waiting to go on.


With Darren Groves up from Devon for the weekend and supporting me in the garage we've set the adjustment at each wheel at about 3mm from maximum, with the anchors for the pull-off springs right up the threads as far as they can go.  Then we've taken up the slack in the secondary cable by adjusting up the primary cable so that wheels lock at about six clicks.  We've lost the 15 degree WSM angle, but something had to give.


Will need to plead "all new parts" to the MOT man at first test if brake efficiency is marginal.  I'll redo everything after some bedding in.

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