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Triumph Stag (emergency bonnet release)

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I have a very nice 1973 Triumph Stag and like previous cars I’ve owned TR4 & TR6 I have installed a secondary bonnet release mechanism.

I purchased a secondary release cable from Rimmers specifically for the Triumph Stag with secondary install instructions. The instructions were specifically for a TR4 & TR6 nota lot of good as the release catch differs from The Stags.

They supplied a length of steel cable (not encased in a sheath with a pull handle attached, my question being has anyone installed a secondary/emergency cable in a Triumph Stag if so can anyone advise how this can be successfully achieved.

any help would be appreciated

With thanks

Brian Sculpher 



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Appreciate the replies guys - although your suggestion Pete would be a viable one off emergency bonnet release using the steel cable/handle supplied by Rimmers car pars through the inner wing perhaps encased in a plastic tube.

Not sure if anyone else has undertaken a modification in this area?

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"Simon Parrott" <simon@papagei.co.uk>
22/08/2023, 22:34
"'Peter Lewis'" <peter.h.lewis@green-home.co.uk>

Hi Pete

Back from Soggy Scotland...in 21 days we had 2 sunny days...only one being rain free!


Re the secondary bonnet release cable..


I bought a cable from a stage lighting company which comes complete with a carabiner clip on one end and a wire loop on the other

The invoice from the company I bought it from is attached but doesn't seem to sell them now if you look look online.


However they are called CLAM03 75cm safety wire and below is another website that sells them.




a google search for CLAM03 SAFETY WIRE will bring up several results and probably available on amazon


The carabiner clip goes round the existing bonnet release pin and the loop fits through an existing hole in the offside wheel arch below

The brake servo which you can put a finger in to pull the cable. All Stags seem to have this redundant hole.


As it runs close to the coil, I put the cable in a small silicone hose sleeve. I also put a washer and spring on the other end to pull it back into the engine bay

away from the wheel when you let it go.....a small gromet in the hole stops damage/wear to the cable or inner wing.


All very cheap and easy see the pics above



THERE ARE A NUMBER OF OTHER METHODS including putting a 2nd 'real' bonnet release cable from the catch, through the bulkhead and mounting the handle under the dash near the steering column














bonnet release cable company.pdf 6.9 MB
20230822_181017.jpg 4.5 MB
20230822_181022.jpg 4.3 MB
20230822_181024.jpg 4.1 MB
20230822_181036.jpg 4.2 MB
20230822_181141.jpg 3.5 MB
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