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HT leads touching bonnet


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In my ignorance, I have always wondered if it’s ok that the HT leads touch the bonnet, as they do on my GT6?  Surely they are earthing in some way, given you get a mild shock if you touch them directly?

just wondering?

many thanks



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Ok thanks.  It’s something I recall from teenage years that stuck with me.  Minor shocks from the ht leads.  Do I have that wrong then?  I haven’t touched a running HT lead in 40 years for that reason!!!!  D’oh!!!!!!!

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A good dry system shouldnt give out any shocks but a poor damp one can do the opposite with the corresponding misfiring. Trouble is by eye its difficult to tell the difference although viewing the running engine in the dark (with care) can give an indication😮

Saying all that it is best to avoid allowing the leads to be in contact with anything where possible (theres various clips and spacers available) because of the risk of damaging them through abrasion...  

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