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So what if it's dark, need the head cleared!

Colin Lindsay

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Needed my head showered yesterday after a busy day with a lot going on, took the Herald for a run at about 10.30pm. Not a car on the road but amazingly no flies on the screen either, no badgers, sheep or unlit cyclists on the road either.

The blur gives a great impression of speed but the speedo is reading 32 or thereabouts... I stopped at the roadside, put the camera on 10 second time lapse, rested it on my chest and drove away until it fell off... I have four photos of the road and about 30 of the footwell. Still, came home on a real high, that little car is a flyer.


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13 hours ago, Peter Truman said:

Well done no rain, where's the leprechauns in the light beams? dash looks good and headlights illuminate well. Bet you were on a high after that

I was... letting off steam in a leisurely Herald sort of way. It's been a strange summer, too many hours in hospital corridors or Doctor's surgeries plus many visits to the nursing home (might book a room, just in case) and the poor Herald has covered less than 50 miles in total. I had to wash the flies off after that run, but it's still peaceful round here and I can drive 20 or so miles on totally dark roads and not meet one single car. 

I went on my first club run of the entire year yesterday, reckoned it was going to rain and we've been threatened with the tail-end of a hurricane, so took the modern. Hood down all the way, no rain at all and sometimes even sunshine. Now I'm feeling guilty that I didn't take the Herald as it's just so much fun to drive. Wasn't the only modern tho, they had an MX5 and an MG... and out of all the Triumphs, one Herald and the rest TRs and Stags, the only breakdown was a 1996 Vauxhall Corsa.

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