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Alternator connection


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Hi All, Looking for some help. Was looking to connect up my alternator bought recently from Pagets, as is the case with these things the instructions leave a little to be desired. It starts by saying connect the large spade connector and the smaller connector to the Lucas connector, but it does not say to which terminal, is it to the one on the right as you look from the back of the connector or to thr left.

as I sit here I have to say that I  have not looked at the alternator to see if it is obvious so will look tomorrow. 

Thanks for any help


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the 2 main charge  1/2"  30amp lucars are joined/common  so you can use either,

the smaller  5/16"  one runs the warning light on the dash 

if using orig harness   you cant get it wrong 

if orig was a dynamo then a replacement higher capacity main charge lead direct to the battery/solenoid 

would be advised as alternators can  supply more than double the charge of the old dynamo and regulator 




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