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Thoresby Hall Classic car show

Gary Flinn

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I attended this event yesterday on the lookout to see if any Triumph Vitesse Convertibles may be for sale.

There wasn't one 1960's/70's Vitesse at the show, however this Time warp 1934 Gloria Vitesse saloon was on display.

What an amazing piece of history, the paintwork could well be original!


1. Rear View.jpg

2. Dash.jpg

3. Nearside.jpg

4. Tread Plate.jpg

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This one I presume?


I'm leaning to getting a late Mk2 Convertible, unless I see an exceptional low mileage low owners earlier car.

I'm viewing two at the weekend in Cambridge and Peterborough, but not building my hopes up.

One mans immaculate is another mans average😕





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