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Spitfire Steering rack and oil


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I have just bought a recon steering rack from Canley. Very nice and a great improvement on my old one which is on its way back for echange surcharge refund. 

The new rack had a sticker on that said "warranty void if filled with oil"

So does that mean that some people fill them with oil and if so, why?

Just curious.


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well based on the service side is to grease via the nipple on the pinion  hsg.   ( but often fitted with a plug)

i would hazard a guess that any oil added would wash out the grease .

its the old adage   "sealed for life"  the only way to keep the passenger side bush greased is to remove the gaitor 

and smear some on the rack

it says dont fill with oil but does it say anywhere its pre greased or this  needs greasing?????



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18 hours ago, johny said:

Didnt the old recirculating ball type steering use oil so theres a risk people might do the same with later units?

I have an old Land Rover (1966) and they use a steering box with recirculating balls, and you are quite correct, they are filled with oil. Perhaps that is the source of query -?-

I have checked my manual, and yes, just at bit of grease routinely seems to be what's required. I'll grease the new rack now its installed just in case it was assembled "dry"

Thanks all

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