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Anything known about - 1967 Triumph Herald "VAR 458 E"


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Some friends of mine are looking at what appears to be a very nice condition (via photos) 1967 Triumph Herald CV, registration number VAR 458 E; green in colour.


They are intending to view the car over the next few days and it appears that it did belong to a TSSC member at some stage; but I have no further details on that.


The car is for sale in the Liverpool area by a dealer.


If anybody has knowledge of the car, I would be very grateful to hear from you.


Many thanks.






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As a regular attender at the Liverpool Area TSSC meetings (Held under the Triumph Liverpool branding with our friends from Club Triumph and others),for the last few years, I have not seen this car on the local scene, either at meetings or the local shows we attend, although I see it has an old membership sticker. It could be a Wirral Area car, or have been bought by the dealer from elsewhere? The registration is Hertfordshire, March 67> So it has clearly travelled.






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Well they purchased the car yesterday and are very happy with it.


It's new home will be in the Portsmouth area and I've flagged up the TSSC Southern Area meeting opportunity.


All-in-all a good result and another Triumph that will be well looked after for years to come.





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