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Mk2 Vitesse - Clutch Slave Cylinder Bleeding - Extension Pipe


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I've just replaced my clutch master cylinder which of course required bleeding via the slave cylinder.


The position of the slave cylinder has never been one of Triumph's greatest moments and awkward to say the least - well it is on my car at any rate. having to remove the air filter box and also the starter solenoid which is screwed on to the bulkhead. Even then it's a tight gap and faff to get the bleeding operation set-up.


I'm not sure if I have seen this or have imagined it; but I think I have seen some owners or photos adapting the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder so that a length of pipe can be screwed in permanently to the slave cylinder and then sealed at the end with another nipple (I presume) to allow bleeding when required.


The benefit of this is that the bleed end becomes very accessible and an absolute doddle to bleed the system.


So, am I imagining this or a possible Dragon's Den moment !!


Many thanks.



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Hello Casper.


That's a promising start, so I reckon it must be possible and there are probably a couple of cars out there with such a set-up.


The end in to the slave cylinder would be straight forward, but how the other end is sorted I'm not quite sure at the moment.





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Never seen it, but as both threaded holes in the slave cylinder are the same then would assume a short pipe with a standard male union to fit the master and a female one to take the bleed nipple would work.

Have a MK1 Vitesse and on the rare occasions I have needed to work on the clutch hydraulics just removed the tunnel cover. Would never bother, as just adding something that could go wrong, but to each their own.





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Me go wrong.... yes often.... but we did this sort of thing on trucks so it was a no brainer to make the stupid design accessible without having to strip the car down and gain access through the boot !!!


or make an even bigger hole in the tunnel like half the tunnel side

To get in there

just do it



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